Is it time to move away from the venerable carpet cleaning wand? Yes and no …

Remember that at Strategies for Success we only focus on equipment when it helps us CONSISTENTLY produce your Desired End Product, the Cheerleader.  Also please understand that no one in SFS is compensated by any manufacturer or distributor (including Jon-Don!) for increasing rotary extraction head sales.

That being said, I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who currently has technicians cleaning high end residential carpets to consider this cleaning tool…

Using any sort of powered rotary extraction cleaning head in the open areas of residential carpet is beneficial in three different ways.  Why?

  1. Easier- There is less operator fatigue.  Even though any rotary cleaning head is heavier than a scrub wand to carry in, the actual cleaning is much easier physically.
  2. Healthier- Because the rotary extractor agitates carpet fibers it removes a much greater amount of particulate matter.  This makes for a healthier indoor environment and follows through on the “cleaning for health” concept which is so important today.
  3. Better final appearance- Carpets are also just plain cleaner and look much better (especially with the “pile restoration” capability of rotary extraction) which leads to happier customers who then become potential Cheerleaders!

Steve’s comment:  Wow!  I couldn’t have said it better myself!  (Of course, I need to add something if only to justify my existence.)     So let me share the biggest reason why you need to strongly consider rotary extraction for ‘prestige” residential carpet cleaning:

The key word here is “consistency.” Sure, I know YOU as an owner or manager personally can make a really dirty carpet look as good cosmetically with a scrub wand as a powered rotary extractor.  Are you positive about this?)  But can ALL your technicians?  ALL the time?  On ALL carpets with ALL degrees of soiling?  Something to think about especially when it is your employee’s last job of the day and he or she (or you, for that matter!) is absolutely whacked!  Don’t your customer’s deserve the very best- all the time?

NOTE:  Don’t toss out your scrub wands!  Our standard residential technique called for first of all cleaning and edging under all the furniture in the room, moving the furniture back into place and then bringing in the “big gun” using the rotary extraction head for the visible open areas.  The powered cleaning head not only CONSISTENTLY did a great job cleaning but would also restore the most packed down traffic areas and leave the carpet pile looking brand new.


2 thoughts on “Is it time to move away from the venerable carpet cleaning wand? Yes and no …”

  1. Hi I got a question for you what are the pro’s and con’s on the rotovac 360 and what is a better product the 360 or the hydra master and does the 360 work better with a portable and if yes which one (heated) or (not) please help!

  2. Fred,

    First thing you are wise to look at a rotary tool. The one piece of the cleaning pie (TACT) that is missing from HWE is agitation. The rotaries will provide this without expending your energy.

    Both tools are excellent as they were designed by the same man but a few decades apart. If you are strictly using this with a portable then your only choice is the 360 as the RX20 will go through water too quickly. The other issue is with a portable it is hard to maintain heat using a higher flow that rotaries use.

    So with a portable your best choice is the 360 but even though heat won’t work quite as well with a rotary it is still better than no heat.

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