Are your carpet cleaning competitors “dummies”? Now let’s talk about you!

It is amazing what you can find when you start cleaning out your old files.  For example, Sioux and I are deep into a “house reorganization project” in our Dominican Republic home.  But it is so easy to get “distracted”.  For example, I just stumbled across an old Alabama news story from 1994 that years ago I would use for my opening words of SFS …

A train severed the left leg of a man lying on the tracks, just a few feet from where he lost his right leg in a similar accident eight years ago. Terry R. Mills had his left leg draped over the rail as he lay on the cross ties outside the rails Monday.  His leg was severed just below the knee. According to investigators Mills had been drinking heavily both times he was hit.

What were the odds?  Sure, just like me you are thinking, “What a dummy!” And yet don’t you see your cleaning competitors doing the same thing (making the same mistake) year after year and then complaining bitterly about their business, their job, their life, you and/or their customers BUT never doing anything different?  And may I timidly ask, “What about YOU”? Or are you falling prey to the old mistake of, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time?”

At the end of the day, Strategies for Success and this web site have always been about “doing things differently”.  So do you have the “fire in the belly” to truly change your business and just maybe your life???  And yes, Jon-Don and SFS want to help.  That is why Jon-Don hosts so many educational seminars and sponsors this website!

Uh-oh,  Sioux is giving me the evil eye.  Back to tossing old files out!

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