Analyzing your ‘3-Future-Goals’

WHY did you first go into business? Choose one or more: A) fun, B) money, C) ‘legacy building’ or (like me) did you D) blunder into ‘working for yourself’ because you were basically unemployable in corporate America? Yes, I know that was ____ years ago! Therefore…

I’m assuming your ‘3-Future-Goals’ are to 1) Make the MOST net profit in the 2) LEAST amount of time and with the 3) LOWEST possible investment of your financial, mental and emotional resources!

Have you achieved all three goals?

Then now you can use this high-performing company to fund an (early?) retirement with the cash flow stream it spins off! I know, you’re saying…

“Steve, did you say ‘retirement’?” YES! Just imagine building a Critical Mass Business (a company that runs smoothly without you) that will finance your luxurious Golden Years!

To achieve these worthy goals you must focus on Goal #1! Dramatically increase your NET PROFITS! How? You really only have three options:

1) Make more money from each job, 2) cut your expenses, or 3) book more work. Even better, do all three at the same time! But today let’s work on ideas to…

Make more money from each job!

How to ‘make more’? Charge more! A no-brainer, right? And yet…

How long has it been since YOU (even slightly) raised your prices? Two years, five years, ten years… NEVER? (Click HERE to see WHY this is so bad!) The ever-so-sad thing here?

Your clients EXPECT to pay a bit more each time! (But they’re not going to volunteer to pay you more!) In fact, most customers can’t even remember how much they paid you last time!

Come on, admit it! You’ve put off for years raising your prices due to Fear Of Losing Clients. (FOLC) If so, click HERE for my 5-step system to charge more without losing previous customers.

Takeaway: Once you have conquered your FOLC please join the elite 8% of cleaning and restoration contractors who raise your prices every single year! Doubt my numbers? Here’s the (unscientific) poll I ran in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook group! Please join our 6,000+ members.

Want even more ‘Growing Your Business’ resources? Then check out our online SFS: LIVE seminars HERE! Each LIVE seminar includes the SFS ‘Business infrastructure (systems and procedures) to implement the SFS course topic. (And all procedures are written in Word so you can customize everything to fit your company!)

Of course, raising your pricing is just one part of the ‘Dramatically increase your NET PROFITS!’ equation. Let’s focus on other options soon!


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