Don’t let THEIR problem become YOUR problem!

Every spring 1,000’s of innocent carpet cleaners get blamed for flooding their customer’s homes. What happens?

An unsuspecting cleaner connects their truck mount to the home’s outside water. DANGER! This (supposedly) freeze-proof faucet has ‘internally burst’ but the break won’t be apparent until it is turned on!

NOTE: This ‘delayed damage’ is usually caused by the home owner leaving a garden hose on the faucet over the winter .

GUESS WHO GETS BLAMED HERE? Sure, click HERE to use my .99 solution to check every faucet BEFORE you start cleaning. But even better is to be Phone Proactive…

Prep the home owner by interviewing them on your outside water options during the booking phone call.

Add the following exchange to your written Phone Format. (Get multiple Phone ‘Scripts’ and 100’s of other ‘Lead Conversion’ ideas in my 3-hour, online SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE for more info.)

You: Thanks, Mrs. Jones! We’ll see you next Tuesday, the 18th at 10:00.

Client: I’m looking forward to it!

You: By the way, Mrs. Jones, do you have an outside faucet we can connect our machine to so that we can better flush the dirt out of your carpets?

Client: Yes, there’s one on the side of the house.

You: Great! I know this cold winter has been tough on plumbing. Mrs. Jones, do you remember if there was a garden hose hooked up to this faucet over the winter?

Client: Hmmmm. I’m not sure…

You: No worries. When a hose has been left on over the winter the water can’t drain. If so, the faucet tube inside your wall will burst but you won’t notice it until you turn it  on. We’ll test the faucet before using it and let you know if it has any issues from this cold winter.

Client: Well… thank you. I had no idea!

Now you have proactively moved the guilt from YOU over to the homeowner when and if in fact the faucet has ‘winter issues’!

BONUS TIP: Remind your customer AGAIN of this potential problem in your cleaning checklist/ confirmation email.

HINT: Are you partnered with a local plumbing company? (You should be.) They’ll have a diagram of this issue on their website and will let you use it in your confirmation email with credit to them.

Want more HELP? Check out our targeted-to-this-industry online SFS seminars by clicking HERE! Our virtual LIVE format will let you and your employees quickly get up to speed on the included SFS Business Infrastructure.

You can also avoid ‘surprising’ first time customers on pricing issues by being ‘Phone Proactive’. Let’s work on this issue soon! Meanwhile happy (and SAFE) cleaning to you!


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