1 display of care plus 2 simple gifts equals guaranteed Cheerleaders

Always give your client these three simple, EASY Positive Moments of Truth immediately after introducing yourself:

a) A freshly laundered door mat placed at the front door before entering the home.

b)  A bottle of Lifetime FREE Spotter for each customer.  (With your logo and contact info on the bottle!)

c)  Disposable “bootie” shoe covers for the customer to wear on their damp (never wet!) carpets.

This week’s quickTIP just makes it “easier to do it right than to do it wrong” by combining all three of these customer pleasing goodies into one simple package…

Fold your door mat in half lengthwise (it will be about 12″ wide) and then place a bottle of Lifetime Free Spotter and a pair of shoe covers on it.  Then roll the mat up and secure the roll with a big rubber band.  Now you and your employees have a ready-to-go “Entrance Mat Package” that will be about 4 1/2″ in diameter.  Keep a supply of these rolled up mats in your van.

When arriving at the house just tuck a fresh Entrance Mat Package under your arm. After introducing yourself to the home owner just unroll the mat and place it at the front door. (Your customer will be impressed!) Then hand the customer their Lifetime Free Spotter bottle. (Which has just sort of fallen naturally into your hand!) Finally say, “Let me leave these shoe covers for you to wear after the cleaning since the carpets will be slightly damp.” BINGO! You have created three great Positive Moments of Truth in the first thirty seconds!

Remember that first impressions are lasting impressions. Make sure you are giving your employees the easy-to-use systems, tools and training they need to convert each customer into a raving Customer Cheerleader.


P.S.  By combining these three Positive First Impressions (entrance mat, Lifetime Free Spotter and shoe covers) into an easy-to-present consistent package you are creating a “System”. So what “Systems” are your employees using right now when they introduce themselves on the work site? Do you know?  Do you think you should?

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