Tweaking a great carpet cleaning marketing tool: “The door hanger”-Part I

At we’re big on the latest and greatest marketing techniques.  (Well, duh!)  For example, I often feel like a voice crying in the wilderness on why you should optimize your Google Business Listing by spending an hour with Google Places.  Even so, don’t ignore tried and true traditional marketing tactics. Case in point, the old-fashioned door hanger! With door hangers the little details can dramatically change their effectiveness.  For example …

Next time you reprint door hangers consider having the printer “perf” the bottom section so it becomes a “detachable business card”.  Print up all your contact information (including your e-mail and web site address) on this business card sized area and voila!  Many people will detach your “card” and save it.

NOTE:  Shockingly, not everyone is a Google maniac!  Many home owners are still really big into business cards and some even use an antiquated Rolodex to file them away- which is exactly what you want them to do!


P.S.  I love the power Google and the Internet give carpet cleaners.  I call the Internet the great playing field leveler!  Now a small owner-operator can actually beat the big companies at their own game.  (You couldn’t do that in the Yellow Pages!)  BUT one challenge with Google is the ever changing policies. You can be “here today and gone tomorrow”.  There is something to be said for having a physical card archived on your client’s premises- no matter what new funny rules the sadists at Google dream up!  Next week I’ll share another oldy-but-goody marketing tip that will stay physically in the customer’s home.

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