Tweaking a great carpet cleaning marketing tool: “The refrigerator magnet”-Part II

Our quickTIP last week focused on getting a “business card” into your prospect’s home with a “perfed at the bottom” door hanger where the customer can tear off a business card.  Even with the power of Google on your side nothing beats a tangible item bearing your logo!  This week’s quickTIP combines the power of the old-fashioned door hanger with another oldy-but-goody the venerable refrigerator magnet!

When doing your “five arounds” (one house on each side of your customer and three across the street) with door hangers, paper clip one of your refrigerator magnets to the bottom of the card.  The door hanger will then be weighted so it will hang better on the door.  Also, on steel doors (which most are) the magnet will help hold the hanger to the door and prevent it from blowing off.  But the best thing is now your prospect has a “logoed leave behind” with a high perception of value that they will save and use.

The one thing people love more than a business card is a refrigerator magnet.  Bought in bulk they are very inexpensive. I think including a magnet on each door hanger, especially in your “target” market areas, would be a great investment.


P.S.  Even the best door hanger and/or “leave behinds” won’t work unless your employees distribute them.  I consistently had problems with my staff “forgetting” to do their five-arounds, etc.  So next week I’ll share a few thoughts on how to get your employees on board with your on-site marketing efforts.

4 thoughts on “Tweaking a great carpet cleaning marketing tool: “The refrigerator magnet”-Part II”

  1. Steve,

    We love the magnet idea and have been using it for years, however with the recent influx of stainless steel fridges over the past few years, we have found this piece not as effective. The stainless steel isn’t magnetic. We can’t take advantage of the prominent place on the fridge and there aren’t many other magnetic surfaces that are highly visible (washer and dryer maybe, but many of these are in basements or 2nd floor laundry areas, not visible daily or near a phone).

    We don’t want to place a sticker or something else that could be difficult to remove on the fridge. Have any of my fellow SFS graduates come up with a work around for this situation?


  2. I actually like the washer or dryer idea. Sure, it’s not seen as often, but it’s probably seen on housecleaning days… right after the customer vacuums. Could be good! offers a business card that has STICK-IT technology on the back. I think they’re the only people who offer that.

    Basically it’s a sticky strip that allows the card to stick to the fridge, but can easily be removed.

    They also offer that on their door hangers. They won’t blow away in the wind, but they pull right off the door without damaging the surface.

    They have all the info on their site. You should check it out. GREAT pricing on top of that!

    Good luck!


    p.s. I’m not affiliated with Adeas Printing in any way, but I have used them for printing and design services in the past, and I can easily recommend them!

  3. Thanks for the link, Dusty. We’ll check them out. As I say at every SFS, we’re all in this together!


    PS I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Meg with an evaluation of the STICK-IT technology soon.

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