A new twist on the oldy-but-goody Scotchgard “blotter card demo” …

We’ve all seen the Scotchgard demo “blotter cards”. (These are absorbent business card sized with one half untreated and the other half treated with Scotchgard.)

One of our SFS students jokingly took his highlighter and drew a line across the card. He then commented, “Let’s see what happens!” and submerged the card in his water glass, shook it around and the highlighter in the Scotchgard treated area washed away instantly! We were all amazed and he proclaimed “I am going to use this to sell Scotchgard!”

So here is how it the “highlighter trick” works:

  1. Before asking if the home owner would like to have their “Scotchgard protective finish re-applied” ask them if they have a highlighter. (Almost every customer will have a highlighter nearby but just in case keep one in your pocket.) NOTE: Be sure to check that the market they hand you is not a “permanent” market- most “highlighters” will have washable inks.
  2. Draw a bold line across the card from the treated through the untreated area.
  3. Hold the paper under running water in their sink and the mark on the treated side will wash away instantly!  What a great “show and tell”!  (The best part is your customer knows this isn’t a “trick” since you are using their own highlighter!)

I love this Scotchgard demo!  Dramatic, fast, simple, and very, very profitable.  I used to do basically the same thing using any dregs of coffee left in the customer’s cups in the sink.  (There was almost always some dirty cups there- if not I’d ask if I could pour a bit from their coffee maker.) The principle is the same- when you use the home owner’s “staining material” for the Scotchgard blotter card demo it is a much more credible and convincing presentation.

NOTE: Include this free “12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty with every Scotchgard application and watch your protector sales soar! Seriously!

We’ve got lots more Scotchgard sales tips on this SFS website. So how do the rest of you sell protector in the customer’s home?  Send your quickTIPS to sfs@strategiesforsuccess.com or fill out this simple form.


P.S.  3-M and Jon-Don offer many in-home Scotchgard sales tools– most of them free.  For a complete list AND to get your free Scotchgard blotter cards just contact your Jon-Don sales rep at (800) 400-9473.

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