Bringing order out of chaos for carpet cleaners

Based on my own life (and after working with thousands of other cleaning professionals) most of us share one depressing trait.  We are chronically disorganized!  Yet a well organized business means less stress, more money and a much more valuable business that is actually “fun to run”!  You KNOW this and yet I’m guessing you don’t DO much about it!

So try these five simple business organization steps courtesy of Chris Gripp at Sign Warehouse:

1.   Sort your physical mail first- Divide your mail into four classifications: one to read and act on immediately(this should be your biggest pile), one for mail to be filed, one stack of mail that requires a longer reply/ action and then you should “round file” what is left  in your trash can immediately.

2.  Clean out your file cabinets and drawers. Rather than cramming in every last scrap of paper keep what you really need and throw the rest away. Cluttered, overcrowded drawers and cabinets make it easy to lose the really important information.

3.  Clear off your desk. Take away items you don’t need. (Minus that photo of your family – you do need that!)  Keeping your workspace tidy and uncluttered (there’s that word again!) frees you from distractions and promotes productivity.

4.  Go digital. Turn any old paper records that you can into digital archives. Storing information digitally is more space effective and when your information is backed up properly digital storage is much safer.

5.  Use online calendars- This “reminder software” sends alerts to your e-mail or phone and can be updated, modified and accessed through any Internet access.  Being on the go it is invaluable to have instant access to your calendar. The Google calendar is a free option and there are other pay options you can use to keep your agenda organized.

So those are some tips from Chris.  Now what do you do for maximum productivity?  Share your tips for keeping your business organized below.  After all, “we are all in this together”!


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