Your best carpet cleaner “parting lines” …

The two most important time spans in your client’s home are the first two minutes AND the last two minutes. We all know that “first impressions” are so very important. But it is easy to overlook those last two minutes with your client. (Especially if you are running behind!)

So never give your customer the idea that you are rushing to get to the next job. (Even if you are!)  Spend a few minutes and show personal interest in their home. Review the job and give the home owner a few tips on how to take care of their carpets. Then cap off your great relationship by saying ……

“Thank you, Mrs. Jones, for letting me be a guest in your home.  We appreciate your business and I would really be grateful for your referrals to your friends and neighbors.”

The goal is to leave your customer on a high note and with the most important points (such as her Cheerleader referrals!) emphasized at the end.

Steve Toburen

PS  So how do you close out the job with your customer?

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1 thought on “Your best carpet cleaner “parting lines” …”

  1. I hand them a bottle of spotter and a virgin terrycloth towel, discuss spotting, their 1year spot and spill warranty, and ask them to help spread the word.

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