Keeping your equipment shiny and pristine!

One guiding principle of Value Added Service is looking at yourself (and your equipment) through the eyes of your customer.  In the SFS seminar we call this “Putting On the Customer’s Eyeglasses”!  (POTCE)

And when you POTCE you quickly see that bringing in dirt from the previous job is a BIG negative Moment of Truth for your customer!  Avoid this bone-headed mistake with this great reminder …

After completing each job leave the last section of extraction hose hooked up to vacuum off your cleaning wand and/or underneath your rotary extraction tool.  This will get rid of dirt, carpet fibers, dog hair, etc. Then use a damp towel to wipe off your equipment so it will be clean for the next job.

In the past we used a high pressure spray gun to clean our equipment out by the truck. But then we were left with a nasty mess of water, sand and pet hair running down the customer’s drive way. (And ice in the winter too!)

Using your vacuum hose and a towel is simple, fast and if you do it on every job your tools always look good. (Some of our newly minted SFS graduates go back home and POTCE by focusing on the appearance of their equipment and then absolutely CRINGE!)

Steve Toburen

PS  So how do you keep YOUR equipment nice and clean between jobs?

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