Constantly communicate your company values

One of my favorite quotes from the SFS seminar is “If you want it to be viewed as important to your employees, then YOU must devote time, energy and money to it.” Talk on it’s own is cheap and usually ignored. But “repetition for emphasis” is the key to make Value Added Service part of your company culture. Here is one simple way to get your people focused:

To enhance the concepts taught at Strategies for Success incorporate inspirational quotes about Value Added Service and Moments of Truth on motivational posters.  Hang these in your office or shop.

Yes, I hope that Strategies is “motivational” in the sense that it moves our students to action. But I certainly hope SFS has been much more than just a “motivational seminar” quickly forgotten. After all, that’s why I have bleeding fingers from posting these QuickTIPS to you folks every week. Seriously though, a great idea and one easily produced on your computer. Just remember that it is not enough to hang up some posters and then continue “business as normal”! You must live, eat, breathe, sleep and FOCUS on Value Added Service. Now what Value Added sayings could we use? Ideas, anyone?


P.S. One gentle request. Remember that this free QuickTIPS service depends on all our members sharing their Techniques, Ideas, Procedures and Systems. (Cute acronym, huh?) So please, drop us a line at and share what works for you.

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