An apology … and a clarification.

House Fire Series - KitchenIt’s only been a little over a month since this site went “live” and visible to all of you.  (Even though obviously your SFS team has been working feverishly on it for a long time!)  And given that we have done zero marketing yet we’ve been very happy with the results.  Our no marketing in the start-up phase is due to our “soft roll-out philosophy” where with your help we dig out all the inevitable glitches before we open the site up to the masses! (Thank you in advance for your suggestions.)

However, one of our sales reps told me today that even after watching our SFS DVD one prospective SFS attendee heavily involved in restoration couldn’t really see why he should attend SFS due to the DVD’s carpet cleaning emphasis.  Well, it is true the DVD is primarily addressed to carpet cleaners.  (Even though you SFS members know the seminar isn’t!)

So I swung into action looking for material on this site focused just on restoration so I could e-mail our recalcitrant prospect some really great links focused just on restoration issues.  Guess what?  With a few exceptions (including the fantastic Initial Water Damage Form found in our Special Reports section) there just isn’t much specifically on restoration here on this site … YET!  SORRY!

However, as our restoration-only SFS members will tell you (and we have many members who only do restoration) the core SFS principles and concepts work even better with an emotionally bruised and battered restoration customer than they do with a carpet cleaning client.

SFS concepts such as Customer Cheerleaders, Illusion of Control, the 80% Principle and of course the biggie, Value Added Service, all seem like they were tailor made for restoration.  HOWEVER, I do see where our site is “restoration-lacking” so look for some Special Reports soon just on the Emotional Dynamics of the restoration loss.

As always, thank you for your comments and support.  Steve

PS: The wait is over!  For a Restoration specific Special Report, get 12 Steps to a Smoother Restoration Business here.

4 thoughts on “An apology … and a clarification.”

  1. I thought the restoration part of SFS was good. At the time I went, I didn’t listen too well during the restoration part because I was not into restoration. But I can see how making customer cheerleaders is important even in restoration. I remember the story that Steve told about a lady that had a fire. He had said that when he got to the lady’s home, there were people everywhere and he found her in her bedroom shaking from the shock of having a fire. Doing the right thing, he got her a blanket and comforted her instead of bombarding her with everything else going on. Another story where they were packing out things from a water damage, paying special attention to an antique piece. Telling the customer he would handle everything personally.
    Even though making customer cheerleaders in carpet cleaning is important, but you can make customer cheerleaders in restoration is, in my opinion, more important because of the shock of having either fire or water damages. If you are sensitive to their needs, you will make a customer cheerleader out of them more so than a carpet cleaning customer. Especially if you get the job done right, professionally and quickly.
    I think that this site has alot to do with restoration. Making customer cheerleaders is an important part of this business no matter if you are into restoration or not.

  2. Well said, Doug. Our “Restoration only” section of SFS comes up on Friday when attendees are in shell-shock. But actually the entire course is all about restoration- we just use the words ‘carpet cleaner” sometimes.


    PS Maybe you should go into restoration, Doug!

  3. I did get into restoration. Found out there is more money there! Now I wished I would have listened more on that Friday of SFS!!

  4. Hi Steve. Frank in our Restoration department here. Would love to start sending my customers to this site (and I’m going to). Let me know if Andy, Ian or I can get help in getting more info on Restoration, or participate in blogs.

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