Win the carpet cleaning cheerleader with a sweet reminder

The very best way to build relationships? One on one interaction with your customers by motivated, trained technicians who are following a system in how to Make the Cheerleader! Of course, life is seldom that simple and even the best tech can use a little reinforcement when it comes to Making the Cheerleader. (Remember, make it easier to do it “right” than to do it wrong!) That’s why I love little techniques like the following…

All I do is leave little chocolate candies for everyone in the family, with a little note wishing them a great day.

I love this TIP!  No matter how your technician is feeling (we all have down days) and even if the customer isn’t there, you have simply, easily and inexpensively created a positive Moment of Truth. Who could ask for anything more?  So I challenge you- Put your “Costumer’s Eyeglasses” on and see where else you can apply techniques like this one. (As an example, download this Special Report on “Up-Selling in the Customer’s Home” for a head start on seeing the world through your customer’s eyes, while at the same time bringing in extra sales.)


PS What other easy, simple, inexpensive ways do you use to make sure your Customer knows you care? Please share your comments below.  My thanks in advance!  Remember- we’re all in this together!

PPS One gentle request. Remember that this free QuickTIPS service depends on all our members sharing their Techniques, Ideas, Procedures and Systems. (Cute acronym, huh?) So please, drop us a line at or go to our on line form to submit your quickTIPS

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