Seeing is Believing

Part of making it easier for your employees to do it right is to give them all the necessary tools.  They need training, equipment, the right attitude and … a little first hand experience never hurts. Your employees should be amongst your most prized customers.  This principle can have very positive returns as demonstrated in the following idea.

Allow all employees to apply Scotchgard to their own house and vehicles free of charge. This way they become “True Believers” and can say, “I applied the product in my own house and …” Nothing sells like testimonials, even if they are from your own employees.

Way to go! The cost of the product is minimal and is a Value Added bonus for your “internal customers”, your employees. If someone believes in a product or service, they will sell it. Just to build on this idea, why not Scotchgard half the carpet in your office. After cleaning, mask off the untreated side so there will be a extremely visible line as the carpet resoils. Now you will have visual proof every day for a “Doubting Thomas” Technician.


P.S. How do you help your employees be convinced that they really are offering the best of class cleaning and service?  Please share your comments below.

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