How Carpet Cleaners Can Improve Their Natural Search Engine Rankings

search-engine-rankingsThose Google guys may be making billions but they also are helping the average restoration contractor and carpet cleaner improve his or her website. Trying to find the right keywords has always been difficult and expensive but now things have changed for the better.

Two new free tools have dramatically simplified the keyword selection process. Google Trends will tell you if a particular term is on its way up or down.  Google Keyword Tool helps you find the best word for your search.

Also, don’t forget how fast your site loads has always been important especially to women who have far less patience on websites than they do in terrestrial shopping. (I know I’m preaching to the choir to the husbands out there when I say that women delight in “taking their time” at Nordstroms or The Gap!)

But everyone’s (including womens) attention span is much lower on the internet.  So believe me when I say that the speed of your site loading may affect your Google ranking and your search engine ranking. To find out how quick your site loads and to fix potential problems check out Web Page Analyzer.

Don’t forget that social media (and well you use it) will continue to affect your rankings. Google is deliberating whether to use Twitter feeds in its search results. A tool that may help you develop your social potential is what many call a “chiclet” or button for sharing like Add This.

Websites are the most powerful equalizing force a small cleaning company or even an owner-operator has to level the playing field. When the tools are free there is no reason not to take advantage!

Come to think of it one of your most powerful internet resources is free- and you are on it!  At we are dedicated to give our help “freely” to the professional carpet cleaning community!


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  1. Don’t worry, Dan. thanks to Big Billy Yeadon’s marketing genius and what we will continue to share here on the SFS site you will stay well ahead of the curve. In fact, the TIPS winner this week at our SFS in Tampa Bay wrote a fantastic procedure on how to dramatically increase your internet presence AND for FREE!

    Fear not, you’ll receive it in your next Spring TIPS mailing. The Winter mailing (which is also very good0 has already gone to press.


    PS Thanks, Dan, for contributing.

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