Place your Air Movers correctly to get more residential carpet cleaning work

You will never go wrong in giving the customer the Illusion of Control. This is especially important when working in the customer’s castle, their home!  One way to involve the customer in the very early stages of the job is to get their input on where they would like you to start cleaning.  Here is how you can do it on a regular basis …

Create a positive Moment of Truth with the customer by focusing on the drying of their carpet. Ask the customer which room in their house they would like to have dry first and start there. If needed, you can also place air movers on this area to speed dry it.

It may be that you were going to start there anyway. However, by getting the customer’s opinion and asking permission to do any other Value Added Services, you have the advantage that you are subtly pointing out that these are positive Moments of Truth. As we all learn during SFS, if the customer does not perceive it as a Moment of Truth, it isn’t one!


P.S. How do you let your customers know they are in the driving seat? Please share your techniques below in the comments.

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