‘Recruiting’ the Very Best People (Part 2)

let bad employees goFor almost 25 years now in SFS Training I’ve been telling cleaning and restoration contractors:

“This is a great industry… IF you ‘do it right’. Do it ‘wrong’ and it is ‘hell on earth‘!”

And yes, a huge factor in ‘doing it right’ for any service business is building a team of the Very Best People. (VBP) NOTE: If you are currently afflicted with ‘Marginal Workers’ check out the contrast with the VBP HERE!

Above all else, stop settling for ‘marginal’ employees! What does this mean for you and your future?

A) If you’ve laid off Downer Dan’ don’t hire him back or…

B) If Dan is STILL on your payroll gently help him move on! Once you’ve got Dan out of your life…

C) Do NOT fall into ‘Desperation Hiring’ when you replace Dan!

Instead, view the recruiting of VBP employees as an ongoing process! Yep…

Adding the VBP to your team will require an ONGOING EFFORT to reach out and recruit the Very Best People!

Here’s some VBP ‘Reach Out And Recruit’ (ROAR) ideas:

1. ROAR to your previous customers. Email these folks explaining that you’re looking for some high quality employees.

NOTE A: Think about it. No one knows better than your past clients who you should hire to send in to customer’s homes. (If you hire a customer’s recommendation reward your client with a $100.00 or $200.00 gift card good for any of your services.)

2. Encourage your VBP employees to ROAR! After all, VBP hang out with…  other VBP! So assuming you’ve created a Very Best Company then your VBP will be excited to ROAR to their friends. (VBP hate working with marginal employees!)

NOTE B: Pay your employee $200.00 (in cold, hard cash) ‘recruiter’ for every referral that successfully completes their probation and ‘Winning on the Home Front’ tech training.

Don’t forget that you can use social media to ROAR for new VBP employees too! (More on this very soon!)

In our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook group you’ll learn VBP recruiting tips from 1,000’s of cleaning and restoration contractors. You’ll don’t have to be a SFS Training graduate to join us so CLICK HERE today!



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