So can a carpet cleaner “cash out” at a young enough age to actually ENJOY retirement?

“Retirement”?  For some this word is a shining golden goal and for others a dreaded harbinger of old age.  Either way, folks, it IS coming.  Lets cut to the chase here!  You really only have two choices when it comes to “leaving” your business- “HOW” and “WHEN”.

Let’s talk about the “when” first.  I find the overwhelming majority of cleaning professionals put off even starting the “leaving your business” process simply because the word “retirement” is just a nicely gussied up phrase that forces us to meditate on our pending mortality!

After all, who wants to think and/or plan for their upcoming and oh-so-inevitable death???  Yuck!   In the immortal words of Scarlett in Gone with the Wind: “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”  And that is what we do while the days/months/years/decades slip by.  So sad because …

Retirement doesn’t have to be a bummer.  Instead, it can bring you happiness, gratification, a wonderful sense of accomplishment and maybe most importantly- PERSONAL FREEDOM! (Even better, you can achieve this Personal Freedom even before taking total retirement!)

NOTE:  By focusing myself on “preparing my carpet cleaning business for it’s eventual sale” early in my career I was able to “cash out” and retire at the young age of 38 !  That’s right, I haven’t worked full time in well over 20 years!  (Freedom is a wonderful thing!)  And if I could do it you can do it- IF you “do it right”!

This “doing it right” concept logically takes us to the “how”.  Simply put, “how” you retire is dependent on having MONEY and more of it is always better!  Now while you never should depend ONLY on the sale of your company to fund your retirement your business should be a “steadily appreciating asset”.  If not, you are missing out on something I call “double dipping”– earning a living plus building a “business nest egg” that is appreciating tax-free until you actually cash out and retire!

Sure, you can download my two Special Reports- one on “How to build personal wealth as a carpet cleaner” and the other on “Preparing your carpet cleaning business for sale”. (Many have told me these two free Reports have literally transformed their lives!)

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