Use foam block ‘bumpers’ for moving furniture with ‘care and concern’

Carpet cleaning is hard, tough, physical work. Many a tech feels like a part time mover constantly shifting furniture around. But using brute strength alone will only add to your headaches AND backaches. However, this QuickTIP will save you a lot of future grief!

NOTE: You’ve probably got your “tricks of the trade” when moving furniture.  And we want to know what they are in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group! (You don’t have to be a SFS grad to join us.)

When moving large dressers with attached mirrors, the top of the mirror can bump or even scratch the wall.  This problem is aggravated when blocks are being placed.  For example, a tech can accidentally mar a customers’ wall while placing a big dresser on blocks and not even realize it.  Then when the blocks are removed the dresser sits lower and the scratches and marks are obvious to the entire world!  (Ouch!)

To avoid this ugly Moment of Truth we created two “bumpers” to protect the wall before the dresser is moved back.

Fig. 1 (click image for larger)

(Fig. 1) Each bumper is made by taking two sticky tabs (still connected) and using them to stick a foam block to the upper corner of the mirror, just out of sight. Repeat on the other top corner and you’re ready to place the furniture.

(Fig. 2) Customers have watched us do this and are amazed that we take such care with their home!

click for image to more detail
Fig. 2 (click image for larger)

Folks, please implement this idea! Sure, you should have a fancy (and expensive) insurance policy to cover accidental damage.  However, no insurance will fully cover the bad taste left in the mouth of an irate customer with a damaged home. By routinely placing these bumpers you A) avoid losing a lifetime customer due to carelessness and B) make a lasting impression of “care and concern”.  Yep, you’ll set yourself apart from the 98% of our industry that is more interested in getting paid and getting out of there.  In other words you just DEMONSTRATED you care!


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