Create Cheerleaders by winning over the kids!

coloring-books-for-carpet-cleaning-client-kidsImagine the cleaning industry without  a) in-the-home pets and b) customer’s kids!  Of course, Lassie has always done a nice job with keeping cleaners busy. (I call it job security!) But don’t underestimate little Jimmy and Sally’s spot and spill generating capabilities!  After all, think of the complex (and highly profitable) mishaps you’ve “cleaned up on” that only only a child could create!

So how can you as a cleaner “make a connection” with the kids AND at the same time create a great Moment of Truth with their parents?  Read on …

Offer the kids a “prize” every time you come to clean.  They will then look forward to your arrival and remind/pressure their parents that “our carpets need to be cleaned”. One neat gift is an educational coloring book and set of crayons with your imprint on it. Health and cleanliness themed coloring pads are especially applicable. (Here’s a link to a site I found on Google.)

Dentists learned a long time ago the value of a prize in “bribing” kids to love you. It works for carpet cleaners too!  (You learn in SFS that just like a trip to the dentist having the carpets cleaned is a “Tolerated Irritation”!)  Just be sure to ask permission from the parents before bringing out the gift. Dietary issues usually mean candy is a no-no but there are lots of other options. Try to pick out prizes that are safe for each age group. Your goal?  Keep the kids occupied during the job and curry a little favor at the same time!  After all, a child’s happiness greatly influences their parent’s buying choices.


P.S:  Remind your technicians to recognize, introduce themselves to and include the customer’s kids in the job.  BUT never touch a client’s child.  In fact, try not to be alone in the same room with them.  It can take only a casual and innocent remark from a child to a teacher or other adult about “that carpet cleaning man” to start your personal nightmare.

So what other “prize ideas” do you have to leave with your customer’s kids?  Please share your comments because “we’re all in this together”!

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5 thoughts on “Create Cheerleaders by winning over the kids!”

  1. Yeah, Brian, I call it “restrained fun”. As we learned in SFS, homeowners want two things from a carpet cleaning company:

    1. A “solution” to their problem. (Obviously bright, fresh, clean carpets.)

    2. Good feelings during the process. (Which includes relating to their kids.)

    Thanks for chiming in,

  2. I really like this idea! My son brought home a small white eraser board – magnetic – from school yesterday, that I immediately stuck on the refrigerator….not a bad idea, huh?

    Janet Conglose

  3. I like it, Janet. Can you get us the info on where to buy it? Even though lots of our SFS members are telling us they are seeing more and more stainless frigs where the magnets won’t work. Double sided tape, anyone? 🙂


    PS Thanks for sharing, Janet. Big Billy and I are in Roselle at a SFS and we miss your shining face!

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