Write their name down IMMEDIATELY!

Sure, most “price shoppers” just jump right in with the question you love to hate:  “Uhh, I was just calling around.  How much do you charge to clean carpets?” (Actually many callers aren’t all that focused on the price- they just don’t know what else to ask!)

But some shoppers will preface their question with their name as in:  “This is Sally Smith and I was just calling around …” So when the caller introduces themself by name at the start of the phone call:

Immediately jot down the caller’s name and then USE IT during your phone conversation.

Behavioral psychologists say that when you call a person by their name they will “hear and take action” on the following five words!  So to emphasize an important point during the conversation start your sentence with the caller’s name.

Plus your goal is to build a relationship over the phone.  You will “build this bond” by using the caller’s name frequently during your conversation.

And finally, if you have jotted down their name immediately at the beginning of the conversation you won’t create the negative Moment of Truth of having to ask your new customer for his or her name again after you have booked the job!

Steve Toburen

NOTE:  Next week I’ll share the single most important thing to say when the caller asks, “How much do you charge?”

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