“Should I buy a marketing package?”

Hello SFS gurus,

I am looking for a way to keep customers and not lose them. I’ve been around, both in and out of this biz, but need some expert advice in how to structure a system to convert phone calls to profitable jobs.  Also, Steve, do you recommend marketing packages? I’ve heard of Mark Kennedy’s marketing materials and presentation CD’s. Do you have any feedback?

Looking for Answers in Houston

Good to hear from you, Looking.  And you are correct to focus on a) making the phone ring and b) “converting” every single call into a booked job.  (Don’t fall into the trap of blowing off every person who asks you “how much?” as a “dirty, rotten price shopper”!)

Re: Mark Kennedy’s stuff I’ve never looked at it in depth even though he is recognized as a pioneer in marketing.  Of course, Mark isn’t a carpet cleaner so while his marketing principles are no doubt sound you probably won’t find much “industry specific” information in his packages.  (I’ll rag on Big Billy Yeadon to chime in on this as well. Bill is our SFS marketing guru and he may have some fresh ideas for you.)

BEFORE you invest in any of the high-priced marketing packages out there I would urge you to a) read the hundreds of marketing posts Mr. Yeadon has put up in his “Big Billy’s Books and Blogs” section and b) download all of our FREE Special Reports that FOCUS on the cleaning industry plus c) attend our five day Strategies for Success seminar. (Which by the way you can come to FREE and free is always good!)

THEN if you want to become a “student of marketing” start delving into the deeper stuff.  But the advantage of our SFS marketing materials is a) they are FREE (have I mentioned that?) and b) they are designed specifically for the cleaning and restoration industries and c) we are constantly improving our stuff thanks to reports we get from our over 3,000 SFS members working away “down in the trenches”.

On converting phone calls into jobs I have just the thing for you- download this free phone script that perfectly answers the good old, “How much do you charge?” phone script.  Then get back to me on how it worked for you and even better what improvements you have made to it.  See how I am already enlisting you into our little “band of brothers”?  As I tell every SFS class, “We’re all in this together.”


PS: Here’s Bill …

Looking for answers,

No one has all the answers especially in marketing. I have not seen Marks information but I have heard him speak before and he is an intelligent man. My thoughts are that you should look at every package. Many marketers are saying the same thing but with their twist on it.

Ultimately marketing is about turning customers wants into their needs. That has not changed since the dawn of marketing. For the cost of one marketing package you could fill your library with marketing classics. These books have been rehashed into newer formats at increased prices.

Without sounding pompous just take a look at the books I have listed and you will go a long way towards becoming proficient at understanding what your customer desires. Sometimes they don’t know until you tell them.

If you are looking for more specific books let me know.

Big Billy

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