Stop “looming” over your customer!

I hope you (and your workers) know to respect your client”s “personal space”. (“Close talkers” are only funny on Seinfeld!)

dont-hover-over-the-customerThis personal intrusion is especially critical when male technicians are working with female customers. (Women have a highly developed sense of personal space!)

My employee rule was simple: “If you are close enough to touch her you are too close! BACK OFF!” But here is our QuickTIP for the week…

Remember that personal space is also “vertical”. So don’t “loom” over your client!

Do everything possible to “get down on the level” of a client. If he or she is seated (or much shorter than you) invent an excuse to drop to one knee to examine the floor. Then stay down there looking up to your customer.

kneel-down-next-to-customerRestoration HINT: Due to the traumatic nature of a sudden loss Insureds often feel invaded and vulnerable. So respect the “personal spaces” of their homes. During your pre-inspection always ask permission to open closets, dresser drawers or to dis-engage a carpet.

Commercial HINT: Your business contacts often will subconsciously be very territorial. So always lightly knock before entering an office. Don’t sit down unless invited and NEVER touch (or put anything on top of) their desk.

Comment below with your “personal space” tips.


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