Which Test Won?

chooseEveryone knows that you need to test every piece of marketing that you create. This is especially true of your website.  (Do NOT fall into the trap of throwing up a (usually mediocre) web site and then leaving it static for years!)

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But great news! Now behave.org can give you comparison testing of many A/B results from the real world. Each week the site features an A/B conversion test and you guess which version won.  Once you’ve voted, you can see how others voted, then see the actual results. The best part is the site explains why “A” or “B” won in a real test.

This actually is a great site because it is not only fun but can actually improve your skills.

Recently the test was done to see which baby picture increased the pull of a testimonial. Another tested “How should you rank price options: from high to low or low to high.” I thought this was especially pertinent to package pricing in our industry.

So did you pick the winner? (More importantly, will you start tracking the results of your marketing and then ONLY continue investing in “the winners”?)


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