Words can destroy … YOU!

choose your wordsOver 30 years later I still remember this phone conversation that taught me “choose your words”. I had cleaned her carpets before so I told my client:

Me: “Remember, Mrs. Jones, you’ll have to move the small furniture for us.”

Mrs. Jones: “No, Steve, you need to remember I’m your customer! And the only things I ‘have to do’ is pay taxes and die!”

Me: (thinking to myself) “Ouch! I’m not going to say THAT any more to a customer!”

Never say to a client “You’ll have to…!”

Instead, just start any request with their name and then “Mrs. Jones, it would sure help me if you could…” or “Mrs. Jones, we would appreciate it if you could…” or “Mrs. Jones, would it be possible to…?” Any of these are sooooo much better than the demanding, “You’ll have to…”!

So does what you say to a customer REALLY matter? YES! Choose your words wisely. Click here to learn more…

Residential HINT: Never use the word “estimate”! (Which focuses the prospect only on “price”!) Instead, choose your words along these lines: “Mrs. Jones, I’ll do a pre-inspection of your carpet and include a complete, written price list with all your options.” Learn more here…

Commercial HINT: Use the phrase “Open Access Price” when writing up your proposal. Click here to learn why…

Restoration HINT: NEVER tell a traumatized Insured with-their-life-in-ruins, “I know how you feel…” or even worse, “I feel your pain…!” (Don’t ask me how I learned to NEVER use these words! GULP!)


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