What to do NOW to save your company this winter!

winter preparationsHey, winter is almost here! And WINTER strikes terror in the heart of many in our industry! Soooo…

Prepare NOW for winter’s wrath! (And poor cash flow!)

Residential winter preparations overview:

Winter is a NIGHTMARE! Why? Because residential carpet cleaning is an “emotionally driven event” and home owners won’t even think of carpet cleaning with snow, ice and mud on the ground!

NOTE: Translation? In many areas from December 26th to around April 1st you can’t even PAY home owners to let you clean their carpets! So what can you do NOW?

1. Implement a monthly automatic pre-paid residential maintenance plan– At SFS we call our plan the “Stay Beautiful Program” and that’s the appeal- home owner’s carpets never look dirty again! Download this free manual on how to set up a residential maintenance program for your company. Imagine winter cash rolling in every month for work to be done next summer!

2. Start handing out “time-dated” $50.00 off Gift Cards now! CLICK HERE to implement this NOW! (This gift card strategy is a great way to curry favor with your commercial accounts too!)

Commercial winter preparations overview:

Regular commercial accounts will save your business this winter. Here’s how to git ’em…

1. Selling commercial contracts should be an ongoing PROCESS- not a one time EVENT!  So quit doing “binge selling” and make 20 sales calls every week with a “DSM”. But even after getting the accounts you still face the crappy winter logistics of driving/ working with a truck mount! Soooo…

2. Focus on building “encapsulation routes”- “Encapping” can transform your business! With encapsulation you aren’t dragging hoses through snow/mud and leaving their door cracked open. Plus if the roads are slick just load your Cimex into a 4WD vehicle! Done!

Restoration winter preparations overview:

Yeah, I know. You vultures … I mean “restoration contractors” LOVE a nice, cold winter! Me too! Nothing better than the phone ringing with flooded carpets and a fire loss or two thrown in! But…

1. Help your employees “shift gears”- Remember, they’ve been happy-go-lucky cleaning carpets all summer! Now your techs must win over a traumatized, bewildered and-often-nasty Insured! Transform your staff with this Restoration Moments of Truth Checklist HERE. Then…

2. Re-focus your staff on being productive in water damage losses. Download this Water Damage Set-up Checklist HERE.

Oh… and start on your winter preparations above NOW! (Especially your sales and marketing!) Winter IS coming and SOON!


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