Why (and how) to get repeat business …

increase repeat businessMarketing gurus are always shilling their “next great thing”. But let’s get “back to basics” with one simple fact:

Repeat business is 500% more profitable than a first time customer!

500%? Yep! Repeating clients a) know what to expect, b) trust you, c) know your pricing and d) don’t have a high marketing cost. So promoting repeat business (while increasing your client’s service frequency and spending) is a no-brainer! How can you do this…

  1. Gently offer Additional Service Options on the first visit. Even if they don’t “bite” you will have planted the seed for next time.
  2. Deliver Value Added Service. Nothing beats creating a Cheerleader that becomes an “unpaid salesperson” for you!
  3. Offer “forward scheduling”. Hey, it works for dentists and people hate going to the dentist even more than getting their carpets cleaned! 🙂

Commercial HINT: Yes, you can forward schedule your commercial accounts on a day and time that works for you. I even did a video up on “Creative Commercial Scheduling”!

Restoration HINT: OK, their insurance company might get suspicious of an insured who becomes your “regular” restoration client! All the more reason for restoration contractors to become a “3-Legged Stool” operation.

Good ideas above? Sure. And yet we still haven’t addressed the #1 reason your first time client doesn’t call you back! Stay tuned!


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