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Hire for the “Ghost Position”!

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manager potentialSo you went ahead and made a New Year Resolution to build a Critical Mass Business (CMB)! How? By using my 7-step Road Map to “Git Off the Truck”! I’m honored! Even so…

The most frustrating and yet most important part of your CMB journey? Finding honest, reliable, hardworking employees to… replace YOU!

Sure, you can always find “a warm body to push a wand”… for awhile! But a Critical Mass Business should run with you… OR without you! Traditionally this means you eventually bring in a manager from outside to run your company. However…

“Bring in a manager” seldom works out well. Why not? Because A) your existing employees often resent an outsider, B) your new manager doesn’t really know your business and customers (and maybe not even our industry) and C) many management candidates “interview great” but are a total disaster! (Why were they looking for a new position anyway?) Instead, I want you to…

Stop hiring “drudge workers”. Instead, ALWAYS hire for the “Ghost Position”! HUH?

“Ghost Position Hiring” means you still TELL applicants you are looking for a tech, production person or office assistant. But in reality you are analyzing if they have the POTENTIAL to become a manager! (But don’t get an applicant’s hopes up by “promising them the world” either!) Here’s how “Ghost Position Hiring” works…

1. Stop “asking job applicants to marry you on the first date”! (This is what you do when you offer a full time job after a 30 minute interview!) Instead, get to know candidates with a Trial Hire.

2. Orient your Trial Hire on Value Added Service (VAS). (Follow this free VAS Training Outline HERE.) IF they buy in to VAS and IF you both like each other…

3. Offer your “Ghost Position Candidate” a part time job. Do they display initiative? Follow procedures while also making suggestions for improvements?Are they reliable, cheerful and positive?  Do they instinctively make Customer Cheerleaders? And most importantly…

4. Are they a “natural born leader”? Do they get along well with (and are respected by) their co-workers? If so, this person will be your next full time hire and you’ll gradually give your Ghost Position Candidate more responsibilities. (And eventually a new job title… Manager!)

NOTE: Will these four “Hire for the Ghost Position” steps ALWAYS produce a bright, shining new manager- GUARANTEED? NO! But you at least have the HOPE of developing a manager when you stop hiring “warm bodies”!

And hey, HERE are more resources to help you build a Critical Mass Business!


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