Laugh more, enjoy each day AND your great carpet cleaning career!

keep laughingI’m continually amazed at just how “up tight” people are in their jobs. Most cleaning technicians take themselves waaaaay too seriously. This super serious approach leads to a grim attitude that transmits itself to your clients. Here is a gem of a reminder for all of us in work and in life …

A sense of humor is vital. If a customer is determined to hate you, the best cure may be to laugh.

One of the most powerful ways you can make a Cheerleader is just by laughing with (or sometimes privately AT) the customer. While it is true we have a serious job to do, that doesn’t mean we have to be deadly serious people as we do it!! Customers instinctively respond to a sense of humor and oddly enough, you’ll enjoy yourself too as you laugh your way through the workday.


P.S. What makes you chuckle during an average day on the job?  Please share your comments below.

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