The why (and how) of priorities…

clear prioritiesAre you busy, busy, busy? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! ‘Busy’ for sure beats sitting around hoping/ praying that your phone will ring!

And yet… WHAT have you been ‘busy, busy, busy’ doing all day TODAY? Hmmmm… Like me, your initial priority as a carpet cleaner to simply buy groceries and pay the rent!

But has your ‘end goal’ evolved into building a Critical Mass Business that will run with you… or without you? If so, you’ll enjoy the financial freedom that (hopefully) will translate into ‘Personal Freedom’! So a question…

Did your ‘business’ today move you closer to your ‘end goal’ of Personal Freedom? OR was your day consumed with what I call ‘Life’s Hum-Drum Details’? (Some good, some bad but still more or less ‘filler stuff’?)

The trap we all face? We get ‘detoured’! How? Because it is so darned easy to let the ‘urgent overwhelm the important’! Fight back with one introspective question to ask yourself every day:

“What is my ‘highest and best use’ TODAY to achieve my End Goal(s)?”

Here’s some “NOT your highest and best use” candidates:

1. Building (painfully) your own website. Sure, you should have a working knowledge of web marketing. (If only to hold your web developer and/or SEO people’s ‘feet to the fire’!) But very likely your time spent on a (crudely built?) website would be MUCH better invested in working in and/or building your business!

2. Doing your own maintenance and repairs. If you’re a solo ‘Lone Wolf’ then you may have no choice. But once you grow into a multi-truck operation strongly consider hiring a part time ‘Maintenance Tech’.

3. Payroll and bookkeeping. Yes, you totally should keep your finger on the pulse of your company with a weekly Financial Flash Report. But your routine financial chores should likely be delegated to an employee or an outside sub-contractor.

4. Profit sucking jobs. Sure, you may be ‘making money’ on any given job. But every hour you’re tied up on low-profit stuff is one hour less to look for and/or perform much higher profit work.

5. Spending quality time together with your family. Seriously? Some of you thought I would promote making financial success a priority over your family? Listen carefully here: Some things are MUCH more important than business success and ‘family comes first’!

Think carefully on the above points. As Sam Walton of Walmart famously said: “Time is the only resource you can’t buy more of.”

So let’s talk soon about the insidious danger of ‘hiding out’ in your van. After all, is your ‘Highest and Best Use’ ONLY focusing on ‘pushing the wand’?


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