How to hire the ‘Very Best People’- Part 2

I always ask my SFS Training students, “Do you want to ‘own a job’ or build a business?” This not-so-simple question has profound implications on how you run your company. For example…

If you ever hope to build a Critical Mass Business (a company that will smoothly run without… you!) you’ll need to face this intimidating SFS fact:

Your biggest challenge will always be recruiting, hiring, training, managing and keeping great employees.

team buildingThat’s why in this QuickTIP series I’m focusing on building a team of the Very Best People.(VBP) Yes, I know. You’ve been burned before! But remember (due to COVID-19 lay-offs) right now there are a lot of great people looking for a ‘career reset’! Let’s do a quick review:

NOTE: Remember, these VBP will only build their career with a ‘Very Best Company’! (You very likely have some work to do! Click HERE for a checklist.)

1. To find the VBP you must Reach Out And Recruit (ROAR). Recruit through your clients and current employees. Then continue to ROAR on social media and in your daily routine. Make this ‘recruiting’ an ongoing process that never stops!

2. When job candidates call… CONGRATULATIONS! Your persistent ROAR efforts have paid off! Some (you hope) Very Best People want to work for you! So A) do a quick on-the-phone Initial Interview and then B) ‘high grade’ their responses.

NEWS FLASH! Finding reliable, ‘drama free’ individuals that want to work is a serious challenge today. This is why you must ‘always be recruiting’ in an orderly, logical and unhurried routine!

3. Ask your VBP prospects to fill out an online application or email you their resume. Now the real work begins! A) Analyze their job history. Look for ‘gaps’. Do they ‘churn’ through jobs? Why?

4. Call their work references. True, a smart past employer will share nothing but your applicant’s start and end work date. However, if the employer will talk ask ‘vague’, open ended questions such as: “Charlie’s application says he started with you in June of 2019 and only stayed for 7 months…” (Let your voice trail off and see what they say.)

HINT: If you do get rejected end with my famous ‘Columbo Close Question’: “I understand. But before I go… if you were me would you dig a bit deeper on this individual?” (Shut up and wait for an answer.)

5. Call their personal references. Sure, nobody puts down ‘bad’ references… on purpose. But you can learn a lot from these likely ‘less guarded’ conversations. If the individual veers off into the applicant’s personal affairs you can LISTEN. Remember, you’re searching for reliable, ‘issue free/no drama workers’ which means you should…

6. Check ’em out on social media! Google their name. See what they post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. After all, you’re trying to get to know the ‘real person’. I tell every SFS class that people post stuff on their Facebook page I wouldn’t even tell my wife. (Things I ESPECIALLY wouldn’t want my wife to know about!)

7. Keep on ‘high grading’ your applicants. Base their score on the answers to points 3-6 above along with your observations from their over-the-phone ‘Initial Interview’.

WARNING: Do NOT fall into ‘Desperation Hiring’! You, your existing employees and (most of all) your trusting customers deserve better… the Very Best People!

So have you identified the ‘Very Best’? Then it’s time for Part 3 of this series: How to Interview (and sell to) Your Very Best Job Candidates! Let’s talk about this soon! Meanwhile…

Best wishes and stay safe!


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