Our best SFS ‘Lead Conversion’ TIPS!

best tips from 2020Our 6,000+ member strong SFS ‘Growing Your Business’ Facebook Group is (correctly) jam-packed with lead generating marketing ideas! GREAT! And yet…

If you don’t ‘convert’ this lead (translated: ‘BOOK THE JOB’) your investment in even the best marketing will be… WASTED! You’ll also lose huge amounts of ‘downstream income’ by not ‘converting’!

Even worse, calculate the cataclysmic loss of even one potential Cheerleader and you’ll long for the stress-free life of a Wal-Mart greeter! OR you can…

Transform your business (and your life) by getting OCD about each and every lead!

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But until you can get to a SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar here are my TOP FIVE SFS ‘Lead Conversion Strategies’ to implement NOW:

1. Don’t let ’em get away! Instead of slamming down the phone in a fit of rage after being beat up by yet another “Dirty, rotten, stinking, lousy price shopper” at least grasp the huge stakes involved. Now you’ll be motivated to not let ’em to do the old ‘slip, sliding away’ exit on you!

2. Open with your SFS ‘Two-Step Permission to Proceed Request’. Most prospects open with the “How much do you charge?” question simply because they don’t know what else to ask! AND your potential clients desperately want to FEEL like they’re ‘in control’. Memorize the 13-word two sentence response in the link above and watch your ‘Lead Conversion Ratio’ soar!

3. Closing the deal! (Lead)  Click this link for 23 words that work on any ‘lead arrival channel’ including texts, emails, Whatsapp, website chat and even… over the phone! Once again… don’t let your prospects ‘fade away’!

4. Your powerful ‘two word’ Objection Busting Reply. Once you’ve ‘smoked out’ your prospect’s ‘real concern’ (many times your higher price) ALWAYS answer with these ‘Two Words’! (By the way, this trick works well with an upset spouse too!)

5. How to Book the Lead with a 3-step ‘A-F-O Sequence’. We tremble, we dither, we avoid ‘Asking-For-the-Order’! Here is a simple, no-pressure, tactful way to get your customer to ‘yes’. This works ‘A-F-O Sequence’ works great in person, over-the-phone or with any other lead medium!

BONUS TIP: Here’s HOW to Adjust your ‘Lead Conversion’ Formats for COVID-19.  You need to be ‘Pandemic Proactive’ by informing booked customers of your ‘Health Protocols’ BEFORE your tech arrives.

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Best wishes to all and please stay healthy, happy and safe!


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