Don’t let ’em get away without a fight!

customer lifetime valueAre you a bit OCD about doing good work? GREAT! Cleaning quality does matter!

BUT how do you react when a prospect starts “slip, sliding away” from you? Do ya mentally dismiss them with a few choice epithets finishing up with “…dirty, rotten price shoppers!” NO! Instead, I want you to…

Get OCD about every single prospective client! Why? Customer lifetime value.

1) Each prospect represents a pro-rated amount of your total marketing budget! (One of our best SFS clients tells me it costs them over $80.00 for each new client phone call!)

2) Lifetime client income potential! “150 bucks? Big deal- they were price shoppers!” So who cares? You should! Over the next 20 years that “small client” likely would have spent thousands  with your company! Plus remember your goal is…

3) Cheerleaders! Convert even a “minimum charge customer” into a delighted Cheerleader and  over time their referrals may reach well over $100,000.00! (And imagine the customer lifetime value potential of a Cheerleader adjuster!)

So what can the “New OCD You” say to a “reluctant prospect”?

Homeowner: “Lemme check with my husband and I’ll get back to you…”

OCD You: “I understand. But while I’m here let me ask you- does the way I have this work order written meet your projected budget?” Learn more…

Commercial prospect: “We’ve already got a company that cleans for us…”

“Last Ditch Request” You: “I understand. Could we be put on your ‘Approved Vendor List’ for when you do have a need?” Learn more…

Insurance agent: “If you aren’t in our Approved Network I can’t refer you.”

OCD You: “I understand. How about you call me in when your regular company can’t get there immediately? Then when your Approved Contractor shows up we’ll cheerfully let them take over. Or call us when the loss is outside of their service area.” Learn more…

Try these replies and report back here on how they worked for the NEW OCD You!


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