Don’t let ’em get away!

hidden price objectionSo you sucked it up and calmly quoted only one (your highest) price to  your customer! Congratulations! Her response? A hidden price objection as in…

“Ummmmm… let me check with my husband and I’ll get back with you.” Arrrgh! Another “Smokescreen price objection”! She is ducking a confrontation with you by using the (flimsy) excuse of needing her husband’s permission!! Her real concern?

She thinks you are too darn expensive! Your challenge? If you don’t smoke out her real objection she will go with the “$99.00 whole house guys”!

But wait! Steve Toburen rides to your rescue with my ‘clear the smoke’ response:

“I understand. But while I’m here let me ask you- does the way I have this work order written meet your projected budget?”

Let’s analyze this price objection buster reply word-for-word with the subliminal message behind each phrase:

1. “I understand” She expects an argument or justification. Instead, you find common ground with “I understand”.

2. “But while I’m here let me ask you…” I know you are busy so let’s resolve this now.

3. “…does the way I have this work order written…” I am ready and willing to “rewrite” (lower) this price by changing the scope of the work.

4. “…meet your projected budget?” You are ‘depersonalizing’ the fact that they don’t want to pay more by using ‘business terminology’ such as “projected budget”. After all, every business has a budget and you just want to give your prospect “the clean you need that will fit your budget”!

Folks, PUHLEEEASE memorize this (write it on a small card if you have to!) “Lemme check with my husband” price objection-busting reply. It works!

But will this “…does the way I have this work order written meet your projected budget?” trick work in commercial and restoration? Absolutely! CLICK HERE to check out my guaranteed commercial and restoration reply!


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