Quote your highest priced package first!

highest priced packageYou’re scared as you give a prospect your price. (I was too!) Yep, your voice trembles as you fearfully quote your residential prospect your very lowest price. (GULP!) Then IF they don’t scream and throw rocks you timidly try to ‘up-sell’ them!

I say, “No more!” (Remember that I have banned the word “up-sell” here! “Additional Service Options” sounds so much better!) Instead, after wowing the home owner with your truly professional “pre-inspection (I HATE the word “estimate” too!) I want you to calmly and confidently …

Quote your highest priced package (with protector) first! (And then shut up!)

Here is how you do it:

“So Mrs. Jones, we can clean and re-apply the protective Scotchgard finish to all the areas we inspected and tested for 432.20.” Pause here. Then smoothly “get to yes” by closing the sale with…

“Now is there a day of the week that is better or worse for you?” (If she replies, “Mondays are just impossible around here!” you just got a YES!) But if not ask your second closing question…

“Are we working with any deadlines?” (If she says, “My mother-in-law arrives on the 14th…” BINGO!) But what can you do if your customer puts you off with:

“Ummm… let me check with my husband and get back to you?” (She never will!) CLICK HERE  to make this ‘smoke screen objection’ go away forever!

NOTE: Giving just one price (your highest priced package!) works with any protector. But why not tap into the 99% name recognition of Scotchgard?


2 thoughts on “Quote your highest priced package first!”

  1. I am reading your tips each week Steve. I do commercial office cleaning(small scale), but have yet to do carpets. Partially, because I don’t have equipment and partially because of inexperience ( I am a custodian by trade and have done carpets in school settings such as hallways and secretary office spaces). My question is this, do you have printed material or videos,that can be used in office cleaning business since carpets are not my forte

  2. Good question, Greg. I would first urge you to make carpet cleaning (and other related services like tile and grout cleaning) your “forte”. Why? Because a) they are totally “synergistic” with basic janitorial services and b) the profit margin is so much greater for you! (I tell every SFS class that “all other things being equal it is better to have MORE money than LESS money!) And honestly, Greg, you don’t need all that much equipment to do a GREAT job in commercial work. For example, between a Cimex for encapsulation and a decent portable extractor you are good to go! Total price tag buying brand new? Less than 5,000 bucks which you can make in a couple of weeks or less! 🙂

    And as you have already seen, Greg, most of the topics on here totally apply to an office cleaning business. And especially when it comes to commercial sales! For example, just click HERE for a world of “How to sell office cleaning” ideas. Thanks for your support and input!

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