Award Great Attendance

attendance award

The biggest challenge in building a ‘Critical Mass Business’ that will smoothly run without you? Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orienting, training, MOTIVATING and keeping employees long term!

The late Zig Ziglar was famous for exhorting his students to “Become a ‘Mr. Good Finder’!” Your employees respond so much better to praise and Public Recognition instead of criticism and negative feedback.

So what behavior do you want to encourage and reward? For example…

Give out a ‘perfect attendance reward’ of $100.00 cash!

The rules are simple! If a production employee goes 90 consecutive days without missing work (or clocking in late) they win the Benjamin Franklin.  Keep the current status of each worker posted in the meeting room.  Then start the contest over each quarter.

100 bucks might seem like a lot to give away.  However, remember the actual cost to you averages out to around $1.54 per work day!  This is is a great way to recognize, reward and motivate your reliable employees. (And remind your slackers of what they are missing.)

NOTE #1: IF you implement this procedure be absolutely merciless on it.  This is pure bonus money and the process needs to be given respect and the reward earned.  90 days is a good time frame as it is long enough to make it worthwhile for the company but short enough to maintain the interest of your techs.

NOTE #2: Check with your accountant on how to legally give small cash rewards out to your employees.

Now how can you build team spirit and use ‘Positive Peer Pressure’ to motivate your employees? Let’s talk about this soon…


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