Create Customer Cheerleaders by making friends with their children …

In last week’s “quickTIPS” we discussed how to “make nice” with the home owner’s most beloved possession- their pets! However, your customer’s kids probably run a close second to the pet! So how can you create positive Moments of Truth with the home owner’s children?

If the parent is present acknowledge your customer’s children by introducing yourself formally to them. Drop down on one knee if necessary to get down to their level. Then introduce yourself with your full name and ask the child, “What’s your name?”  (Be sure to refer to the child by name during the rest of your time in the home.)

Then, IF (and only if) the child extends their hand first for you to shake it, do so. But never reach out first since many children have been programmed to never let a stranger touch them. (Sad but true!) You can continue a brief conversation by asking the child how old they are, what grade they are in school, what is their favorite subject, etc.

NOTE: On the other hand, if the parent is not in the room it is better just to say “Hello” and keep working. NEVER touch a child unless a parent is present and the child reaches out to you.

I could go on for pages with a long list of do’s and don’ts with customer’s kids. Just remember to create a positive Moment of Truth with their parents by recognizing the kids as people!


P.S.  Pets, kids, antique cars, flower gardens, a beautifully tricked out work shop, etc.  These are all “possessions” your customer is proud of.  Your key to success is to show “personal interest” and display a “sincere attitude of care and concern”.

HINT:  Don’t show too much interest in portable items of great value, as in “So how much do you think your gun collection would bring in a pawn shop, Mr. Jones?”  🙂

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