Better than a business card?

WOW! Close to 60% of your customers don’t use you again simply because they can’t remember who they called last time! (Think about services you have used in your home- can you even remember the name of the company?) So sad… because you did a good job- but your client can’t recall your company name!

So it is essential to keep your business contact info in front of your customers. Simple, inexpensive “in-the-home reminders” can be your best strategy. For example, when you include a FREE 12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty with every ScotchGard application here is a great “in their face” reminder…

Print up stickers (with your company logo) for their vacuum that say, “Your carpets are covered with our 12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty till (insert date here). Call (your phone number) for service or to keep your Spot and Spill Warranty in force.”

Now you are “in the customer’s face” every time they vacuum! What better time to see your “business card” than when the home owner is focused on their carpets?

NOTE #1:  Of course, the same holds true with our FREE Lifetime Spot Out bottles with your contact info printed on them. (At $1.21 per bottle these bottles are the best marketing investment you will ever make!)

NOTE #2:  When you include a FREE 12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty with every ScotchGard application your protector sales will skyrocket!  (Less than 1% will ever request a free spotting call.) And how can your client keep their Spot and Spill Warranty in force? Have you reclean and reapply ScotchGard every 12 months! AND then you put a new sticker on their vacuum!

I also love good old-fashioned refrigerator magnets and a regular newsletter program. You can’t remind the customer too many times that YOU want to be their “Cleaner for Life”!

Steve Toburen

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