Make a ‘Preemptive Strike’ on your client!

helping-customer-with-magnifying-glassWe all dread the Customer’s Magnifying Glass! (This is where your client feels “obligated” to find something wrong with your work.) Think about it…

You innocently say to your client, “So how does everything look?” So they start looking around with a “critical eye” and guess what? I don’t care how good you are- no one can withstand the Customer’s Magnifying Glass! GRRRR!

Avoid this negative exchange by making  ‘Preemptive Strikes’ throughout the job with a ‘Running Inspection’. When finishing a room(s) or item find your customer and ask, “Mrs. Jones, do you have a minute to review with me what we’ve cleaned in your family room and hallway?” Now make a Preemptive Strike by saying…

“I know we were both concerned about this fireplace area. You’ll see it still isn’t perfect. But here is what I’ve tried and I think this is the best restoration level we’re going to achieve.”

NOTE: There is an old saying: “You discover the problem and point it out to the client- they still ‘own it’. But when they find it and complain about it to you- now you ‘own it’!”

When you make a Preemptive Strike by showing the customer a “less than perfect” area AND explaining what you have already tried you are…

1) “Heading them off at the  pass” before they can complain about a “pre-existing problem” and…

2) Showing your customer an “attitude of care and concern” while establishing your professionalism.

Commercial HINT: On regular accounts BEFORE going to see the tenant or your Property Manager find something that needs “fixing” and take a Show-and-Tell photo on your tablet. THEN walk in, show your contact the photo(s) on your tablet or phone and say, “I discovered this while doing my Quality Check walk-through and we’ve already got it scheduled tonight to fix it.  Is there anything else you’ve noticed?”  

By making this ‘Preemptive Strike’ you have proved to your commercial contact you are on top of things! So now they won’t feel the need to search for something to complain about!

NOTE: Please be cautious on these “Going in to see your regular commercial accounts” visits. I found that I kept accounts the longest where I just “blended into the woodwork”! You’ve been warned!

Restoration HINT: Set up a password-protected “in the cloud” Shared Folder with for each loss where you can keep your Insured (and adjuster) updated on the job’s progress. This gives them the all-important “Illusion of Control” and you can make DAILY “Preemptive Strikes” by sending your insured photos of what you are working on.


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