Give your customer multiple ‘reminder options’

give-customer-multiple-reminder-optionsLet me guess… you want to Make More Money! (HERE is my TOP TEN How to “MMM” List!) I mean, don’t we all want to ‘have more’? Now you can charge more. (And you probably should!) Click HERE to see how to raise your prices without losing your existing clients.)

BUT before impulsively raising your prices why not first try to MMM by becoming MORE EFFICIENT?(Then when you do charge more you will really clean up!) For example…

A huge problem for any service provider is clients forgetting/ blowing off appointments. (You don’t get much more INEFFICIENT than driving back to the shop empty handed! GRRRRR!)

So when booking the appointment ask your customer if they prefer 1) a verbal phone call, 2) an email or 3) a text message reminder two days before the cleaning.

Then give your client their other options again so they can choose a second alternative in case you can’t contact them. (When sending a non-verbal text or email reminder always ask for a ‘confirming reply’.)

The more more contact choices you give your customer the better. (You’ll learn about the all-important “Illusion of Control” when you attend one of our five different SFS Training Options.)

IF you get ‘bad vibes’ about a customer’s reliability you can always “invent a contact excuse” for the day of the job. For example, contact your client an hour before arriving to ask if you can be five minutes early! (Or late.)

Commercial HINT: Having to meet clients to clean their business is a real killer! So simply include the phrase “Open Access Price” in your proposals. Then if your prospect bucks at giving you a key just say, “Ouch! That super low price I just gave you depended on ‘Open Access’ which means we need a key. If we have to meet someone it is irritating for them and costs us a lot more…” You’ll be amazed at how often your contact will cave in!

Restoration HINT: On long running losses with many different subcontractors needing access  invest in a lock box that fits around the door knob with the key inside. Just give the code to your subs and your team can enjoy the benefits of ‘Open Access’!


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