Texting for “permission to call”

respect-your-customers-personal-space-on-the-phonePeople today are all about respecting their “personal space”. That’s why I tell my students to stay back out of “arm’s reach” of a client! (This is especially true if they are the opposite sex.)

Then last week we reminded you that personal space can also be “vertical”. So never “loom” by always getting down to your customer’s level. (Dropping to one knee to “examine” the floor always worked for me!)

But “personal space” is mental and emotional too. So if possible always ask permission before making a possibly intrusive phone call. But how???

Text your contact to ask if (or when) you may call them.

This “asking permission” also fulfills your customer’s need for control. In fact, in our Strategies for Success seminar we constantly analyze how to give your client the “Illusion of Control”. Say what? Click HERE and look at point #3 for a good definition of Illusion of Control.

NOTE: Even after your customer has texted back giving you permission to call them always open with a “Courtesy Question”. For example, “Good morning, Mr. Jones. Steve Toburen here with Jon-Don Cleaning. Is this still a good time to give you a call?”

Restoration HINT: Insureds who have suffered an devastating loss need to have close communication with you BUT on their terms. So why not set up a regular time each day for a phone conference? Or even better check out the NOTE below…

Commercial HINT: Property managers are busy. And with regular commercial accounts it often is better to “blend into the woodwork”. So IF you reach out to a commercial client with a test make sure it is important. And the NOTE below applies to you too!

NOTE: The ultimate way to give your client “communication control”? Set up an online password-protected “shared folder” with each property manager, adjuster and Insured that you are working for. Click HERE for the details.


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