Cut your home owner complaints by placing this “Spot and Stain Card” after the cleaning!

Don’t you just hate those non-productive call-backs?  We found that we had a much higher percentage of complaints when the customer wasn’t at home while the crew did the job.  Same with you?  I thought so! But WHY? Go on, put on your Customer Eyeglasses.  If you came home from work, saw beautifully clean, groomed carpets everywhere and then one stain still sitting there, what would be your initial question?  That’s right, “Did these guys even try to remove it?  Did they even see it?”  Then you call the cleaning company and complain and they (maybe) send their technician out on a fruitless callback.  It’s so obvious and yet few carpet cleaners ever focus on why they keep having so many call backs. Here is one great way to pro-actively solve this “lack of communication” problem before it can start …

Print up a card out of heavy stock that is perforated to be folded and placed over the stain.  (Steve’s note: You know the old carpet cleaner’s joke about the difference between a spot and a stain?  If it comes out it’s a spot and if it doesn’t it’s a stain!  Forgive me, I just had to interject that.)

The card should state that “all efforts were made to remove completely this stain and further efforts may permanently damage the fibers and/or dyes of the carpet.”  There should be a space for the technician to note down additional comments and put their initials/name.

Then this card and especially any additional comments should be written on the work order by the technician so it can be referred to during the Quality Check call.

Another great procedure to answer a consistent Unspoken Question of the customer.  In addition to avoiding a lot of wasted return visits, I also like the message of care and concern it sends when the stain is written up on the work order and is mentioned by the person doing the Quality Checks.  (STILL not doing QC’s on ALL of your residential work?  Sounds like it’s time you come to SFS!)  Remember the new mantra?  “High tech, high touch.”  No matter how much technology people are surrounded with, they still respond, possibly now more than ever, to “high touch,” which of course is an attitude of care and concern!


P.S. You can’t get every spot out, BUT we do encourage you to educate yourself on the best techniques in technical matters as well.  Jon-Don offers a premium DVD guide to spotting.  Invest in yourself and your future with this great training resource.

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