Never “oversell” the Scotchgard application to your residential carpet cleaning customers

Our Strategies for Success members are focusing more and more on gently offering residential customers the OPPORTUNITY to spend more money on your carpet cleaning products during the cleaning job.  (Sounds good to me!)  BUT never let your desire for profits lead you into misleading the customer on just how effective any carpet protector will be.   For example …

Scotchgard is a great, proven cleaning product.  Properly applied (by you) and properly maintained (by the Homeowner) it works well.  But remember you aren’t interested in just a “quick and dirty” sale to put a few bucks in your pocket.  You are focused on developing a lifetime relationship by creating a Customer Cheerleader. So be sure the Homeowner has realistic expectations of what Scotchgard can do.

Your sales presentation should follow the old expression, “up-sell and then down-sell.”  In other words, get the customer’s approval on the Scotchgard application first by using our great Scotchgard up-sell script and the Scotchgard applicator success kit.  Then “temper their expectations” by cautioning your client on what Scotchgard won’t do.  Here’s some ideas:

1.   “Remember, we’re not promising your carpets will stay clean forever.”

2.   “Of course, Scotchgard won’t prevent spills, but they should remove easier.  However, some spills may still stain permanently.”

3.   “Proper maintenance, such as regular and thorough vacuuming, is VERY important for Scotchgard to perform properly.”

4.   “We still encourage walk-off mats, taking your shoes off at the front door, etc. since Scotchgard is not going to prevent tracked in dirt.”

Remember the old expression, “under promise, over deliver.”  In other words, you’ve already got the Scotchgard sale, now it is time to lower the possibly unreasonably high expectations of the Homeowner with these points.


P.S. If you are not currently offering Scotchgard (or any other carpet protector) as an add-on option, PLEASE reconsider. This is a legitimate value for the customer and easy extra dollars for your pocket!  You can even go the extra stretch and gift or offer at a modest price a customized bottle of Scotchgard for them to use in re-application. Now that is a smooth way of helping your customer remember you and your services.

2 thoughts on “Never “oversell” the Scotchgard application to your residential carpet cleaning customers”

  1. I’m not a big fan of this upsell and then downsell stuff. Be positive and confident about what a product CAN do but at the same time, be able to take no for an answer. If you mention negatives, then you devalue your product in the mind of the prospect. Ma’am Scotchguard will provide a barrier that protects your carpet against 90% of household spills is WAY better than this stuff works, but it might not sometimes. (customer mind: it doesnt work)

  2. “be able to take no for an answer.” Absolutely.

    Both SFS and I personally abhor and reject any type of high-pressure sales tactics in the customer’s sanctuary- her home.

    The “down-sell phrases” above just help the customer have realistic expectations. Most of the home owners I have talked to over the years that were down on Scotchgard had been “promised the moon” by their previous carpet cleaner.

    Since SFS is all about building a “lifetime relationship” with your customer we’d rather lose the Scotchgard sale than later on the home owner feel like they had been over sold.

    Actually, I think we are on the same side in this! Thanks for commenting!


    PS Our entire low pressure Scotchgard orientation program for the customer is detailed in the “Upselling Scotchgard on the Home Front” Special Report found under “Resources”. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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