Keeping it all together: The Customer Information Kit

Remember, your customers love consistency!  So therefore it follows that much of success is all about following the same system every time.  Achieve this consistency by “making it easier to do it right than do it wrong”. For example …

Why not make up a “Customer Information Kit” to give the customer at the start of each job?  (Use a simple gift bag to test this concept and if it works then print up your own bags with your company logo and colors.)

Contents can include a free bottle of “Spot-Out” with it’s Free Lifetime Replacement policy, two pairs of protective shoe covers they can wear while the carpets are drying, your company brochure, a Carpet Care Guide, your refrigerator magnet and most importantly, your list of optional services including an Allergy Treatment brochure, Scotchgard brochure and blotter card, Spotter Chart, etc. (Be sure to devise a system to keep these “gift bags” fresh and clean while they are in the service vehicle.  We used a large covered plastic bin between the van seats.)

Briefly explain what is inside and encourage your customer to look through the Information Kit while you are working.  The information you provide with this kit will often silently sell your customer on additional work.  After your client has looked through the kit just ask if they have any questions.  This “soft sell” technique works by easily and consistently informing your customer of the additional services/products available to them.  After all, they can’t buy more services from you if they don’t know what is available!

When you are done, give the client a file folder with your company name embossed on it for their copy of the work order and the other things that were in their Information Kit. (Or use the four-color Scotchgard file folder with after-care information printed on it and your business card attached.)

The “road map” of this Customer Information Kit will give the customer something tangible to hold on to and mull over their additional options.  This “kit” idea works because it makes it easy for you (and your employees) and structures those vital first few minutes on the job.  After all, anyone can hand a gift bag to the customer!

NOTE to employers:  All too often your customers never even see the great marketing information you so painstakingly created. Think about it- if all your different marketing pieces are scattered through your trucks or office it will require way too much time/effort and/or initiative for your employee(s) to gather them up and present the “up-sell” options to the home owner.  So once again, you “make it easy” by keeping everything together in a Customer Information Kit gift bag.


P.S: What else should go into the Ultimate Customer Information Kit?  Share your opinions below…

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