How NOT to fix a client’s carpet cleaning complaint

Last week I shared my 3-step “Emotional Judo” process to calm down an angry complaining customer.

1) Thank them for calling …

2) Apologize for the disruption in their life …

3) Reassure your customer that you are going to do everything possible to resolve their distress.

Your “verbal martial arts” will now have this previously angry, attacking customer gasping for air while marveling at your sincere care and concern! (We actually had these three steps posted over every phone in my company.)

Remember that most customers have to get “all steamed up” to even make a complaint.  So your job is to first calm them down with this 3-step Emotional Judo process. After all, how many times have you had someone scream “the whole house just looks terrible” when in reality it is just one little wick-up spot?  (Or even a shadow!) Now that your customer is rational just calmly interview them and …

Once you have isolated what your client’s real concern is, just fix it.
Fix it cheerfully and fix it quickly!

Don’t justify, don’t complain and above all don’t be grudging when resolving the situation.  Remember that your customer will already be on the defensive when you return to re-do the problem.  After all, they “ratted you out”!  So just smother them with “grateful kindness”!

Don’t forget to also fix your customer’s concern quickly. (The tendency is to put off these confrontational issues.) A famous U.S. government study states “95% of your complaining customers will do business with you again IF you resolve their concern quickly.”

Think about it- you have to do the work anyway. So why not quickly and cheerfully resolve the issue and in the process make a Cheerleader?

NOTE:  Next week in my third and final QuickTIP on resolving complaints I’ll share a guaranteed way to make Turbo Cheerleaders out of complaining clients!

Steve Toburen

PS  So what was the most “unfair complaint” you ever cheerfully fixed?

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