Got more time than money?

We’ve all been there. Your advertising isn’t working, the phone isn’t ringing, bills need to be paid and your bank account is empty! What to do?

Quit waiting for the work to come to you! Get out there and start literally knocking on doors! (SFS instructor Chuck Violand says, “The hardest door to make it through is your own!”)

Knocking on a stranger’s door is not easy or natural. You need a “hook”- something to transition from the immediate, irritated “Who is this stranger ringing my doorbell?” response to a grateful “Why, thank you!” So break the ice by…

Immediately handing the homeowner a free gift when they open the door.

NOTE: I always gave homeowners my free Lifetime Spotter Bottle. But refrigerator magnets, note pads, logoed pens, hot pads, etc. all work.

Residential HINT: Dress up, put on your photo I.D., ring the bell and step back. (Don’t crowd the door.) Then smile, look the owner in the eye and say:

“Good morning, I’m (full name) with (company name) and here is a free Lifetime Spotter Bottle to help you keep your carpets clean. (Hand them the bottle.) When this bottle is empty just give us a call and we’ll get you more- no obligation and free of charge! And here is my card- I do incredible carpet cleaning so please call if I can ever be of service.”

Homeowner replies “Thank you!” and then you say: “Oh, by the way, I also do upholstery cleaning and … (HERE is the complete script.)

You’ll be amazed. Some homeowners (not all) will say, “You know, I was just thinking about having my sofa cleaned.  How much do you charge?” (Remember that even if your “batting average” isn’t that high with every free gift you are “planting a seed”!) NOTE: Always carry your pre-inspection kit with you.

Commercial HINT: Gifts work great with “gatekeepers”. Then interview them with your Commercial Carpet Analysis Form.

Restoration HINT: Throw your net wider by gifting plumbers, contractors, property managers and large institution managers.


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