Close the sale with “Reciprocal Giving”

reciprocal-giving-restoration-contentsI recently shared the power of doing a mind-blowing “Show and Tell” Pre-Inspection Demo. (In fact, here is my step-by-step “Show and Tell” video.)

So now your customer is blown away by the contrast between the dirty and clean area of your “Show and Tell” demo. So how can you “close the deal” and make a Cheerleader for life”? Tap into the power of “Reciprocal Giving”! (Some call this technique “Reciprocity”.)

Reciprocity just means you do something nice for someone without explicitly requiring they return the favor. The Bible in Ecclesiastes 11:1 sums this principle up nicely: “Cast your bread on the waters, for after many days you find it again.” By giving freely it puts your prospect under a “subtle obligation” to return the favor!

So after performing your “Show and Tell” demo where you magically transform their worst spot into sparkling clean carpet…

Simply hand your prospect the same give-away spotter bottle you used on the spot and say, “This is a free gift for you and just call us when you need more spotter.” (HERE is your how-to-do-it VideoTIP)

By immediately giving your potential client the exact same bottle you used to “test clean” their carpet it adds excitement to your gift. Do this BEFORE they decide on whether to book the job with you. Do NOT tie the free gift of the spotter to you doing the work!

NOTE: I printed my spotter bottle labels with my contact information and a “Free Lifetime Replacement” promise!

Restoration HINT: Tap into “Restoration Reciprocity” by asking the Insured to gather a few changes of clothes for each family member. Then say, “We’ll run these to the plant, launder and deodorize your clothes overnight and deliver them clean and fresh smelling to your hotel room early tomorrow morning!” Build a bond with the Insured BEFORE you get the loss and they will fight with the adjuster to have your company on the loss!

Commercial HINT: Print up high quality, plastic $50.00 Gift Cards for all the employees of your commercial accounts and you’ll let your account reap the benefits of Reciprocity! (And you’ll stay busy all winter!)

Don’t forget to check out my step-by-step Reciprocity VideoTIP HERE.


1 thought on “Close the sale with “Reciprocal Giving””

  1. Steve, “great article on reciprocal giving”, I do it all the time on jobs because sometimes people cannot afford the doormat or small rug near kitchen etc. It really does make me feel better also and doesn’t cost me anything.

    I’ve been contemplating the whole “spotter give away” but I must you have convinced me. Not only does this promote yourself as a business but it actually empowers the customer to say to themselves “hey he just gave me the ability to do something most people would charge money for!” and this is powerful. Giving isn’t that difficult and I wish more people would consider the act rather than disregarding it completely. Thanks!

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