Tweak your weekly staff meeting

Your employees need much more from you than a pay check.  Just like your customers, they need not only a ‘solution’ (which in their case is the pay check!) but also ‘good feelings’!  So HOW can you provide these essential ‘good feelings’ to your employees?

Industry consultants use a fancy pants phrase called “empowerment through accountability”.  But since in SFS Training we are a down-in-the-trenches bunch of folks let’s cut to the chase with a specific procedure …

Each week, give a different employee responsibility for presenting specific ways to create positive Moments of Truth. Then have that employee present his or her idea at your weekly staff meeting.

This builds on a central premise of SFS which is to involve the people ‘closest to the action’. For example, Weight Watchers has what they call a ‘Traveling Journal’. Each week someone different from the weight loss group takes it with them and they record every single thing they eat in it and then weigh in at the end of the week.

Maybe a “’Moment of Truth Traveling Journal’ might be fun to try to try with your workers. Accountability and employee involvement/awareness always works.


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4 thoughts on “Tweak your weekly staff meeting”

  1. This will be the first week we’ve launched our weekly Team meeting. This week, for our first meeting, we’ll cover Positive and Negative Moments of Truth. Donuts will be served, and perhaps someday, I’ll buy a grill and provide breakfast! Good, and hot! If I can learn to cook!

    Each week we’ll cover procedures and Team Building.

    At least it’s a start! I’m excited!

  2. Way to go, Shawn. Now the challenge will be to keep up your training schedule and not let the “urgent overwhelm the important”. Let us know how you are doing.


    PS Try getting at least some of your people to a VAST class. It will give your Value Added Service implementation efforts a huge kick in the pants.

  3. I already have my team signed up!

    Well, the first Team Meeting has come and gone! The donuts were fine and the interaction was great! We covered the positive and negative moments of truth, and tweaked some of our procedures.

    Next, is to learn to cook, so I can provide a healthier breakfast!!!

    I’ll keep y’all posted.

  4. “Learn to cook”? Sounds like a “Displacement Idea” to me, buddy. That is why “take out” was invented. On the other hand, there is something very touching about the boss cooking for his troops. Witness Nick Paolella at every SFS!


    PS Keep up your reports from down in the trenches, Shawn. We appreciate them very much.

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