Encourage your employees to “earn more”!

employees earn moreIn a perfect world everyone (including our employees!) would just LOVE to work for the simple joy of being productive! But this world isn’t perfect! Which means…

You can motivate people with MONEY! (Well, DUH Steve!) In fact, I actually preferred “money motivated” employees instead of “needy” people! Less emotionally draining for me! Soooo…

Encourage your employees to “earn more”!

Notice I didn’t say “give more” to your workers. In fact, in SFS: Business Transformation I warn against “giving raises”. Why? Because a raise is “cast in concrete” going forward and doesn’t change when business slows down or an employee’s performance lags. Instead…

The “secret sauce” here is to set up “Reward Mechanisms” so when your Very Best People excel THEY “earn more” while YOU also make more profit! Now everyone will be happy! For example…

On-site Technicians: Bonus your techs for selling Additional Service Options. (ASO’s) (I don’t like the term “up-selling”.) Don’t be stingy. Instead, raise your prices and then give at least a 20% bonus for ASO’s techs sell and perform while on the job.

NOTE: Pre-orient your customers on their ASO options. This makes it easier for your techs to “gently build” the job ticket.

Salespeople: Base their commission on job/account profitability, not gross.  Increase their commission with a signed “Service Agreement”. And give an extra bonus when a salesperson gets “Open Access” for your techs!

Office staff: Bonus your phone dispatcher(s) when they book an ASO on the initial phone call. This can just be a simple, “By the way, Mrs. Jones, while Bill and Steve are there next Tuesday have you thought about…” Even a 5% “spiff” of the extra work booked will motivate your office workers.

Everyone: Consider implementing our SFS Employee Efficiency Bonus plan. This system both A) rewards teams for efficiently working together and B) allows you to “hold your employees accountable” when they screw up!

Of course, loyal Very Best People employees need much more than “big money” from you!  Let’s chat about this soon!


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